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Limited licenses of dtSearch Desktop Available for CJA Panel Attorneys

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to obtain a limited number of dtSearch Desktop software licenses for CJA panel attorneys with current, active cases.

dtSearch is a popular search and retrieval program, and it is the search engine utilized in well known computer programs such as Forensic Tool Kit (FTK, a computer forensic tool), CaseMap and Adobe Acrobat Pro.  This type of program is a useful tool to assist legal teams in searching discovery, creating brief banks, and viewing different file types (including non-PDF files) even if you don’t have the associated application.  We have a limited number of licenses available for CJA panel attorneys to use for free (a $200 value).

The program provides great functionality in searching both electronic documents and paper documents that are subsequently scanned and converted to a text searchable format, especially since it can search and retrieve information in many different file types.  dtSearch is a user friendly software program which provides immediate results and utility for even the novice computer user.  As electronic discovery in federal criminal matters continues to grow in volume and in the variety of formats, dtSearch is a useful tool for CJA panel attorneys faced with the daunting task of organizing and searching through their case material.

To obtain the software, please fill out the dtSearch Request Form below. When finished filling out this form, press the “submit” button on the bottom of the form. This will attach your completed form to an email message sent to National Litigation Support Paralegal Kalei Achiu. You will then receive an email with download instructions and the activation code necessary to obtain your free copy of the dtSearch Desktop. Please allow up to 5 business days to process your request.  Each user license can be installed for that user on two machines.

You must have an active appointed case to continue to utilize the license.  If you are no longer on the panel and don’t have an active appointed case, we request you return the license to the National Litigation Support Team (NLST) by contacting Kalei Achiu so the license can be used by other CJA panel attorneys.  Like most litigation software programs, this program was developed for Windows-based operating systems and does not work with Macintosh operating systems.

For technical support or if you have any questions regarding the utilization of dtSearch within your office, please contact either Alex Roberts or Kalei Achiu.  If you want to learn more about dtSearch, go to http://dtsearch.com/.

dtSearch Desktop Request Form: