2 thoughts on “How to import IPRO into TrialDirector

  1. Why not just use the TrialDirector load function? Can you load the IPRO OCR files using this method? Thanks

    • Ed,

      Good questions. This is essentially what the guide and video show (how to use the load function in TD). The reason for the extra steps is that typically, IPRO Publish disks do not come with load files, therefore you need to create them.

      In re OCR: If IPRO IPublish disks contain OCR, they are usually part of the database in a proprietary format that cannot be easily extracted (it’s near impossible since IPRO’s OCR is full of XY coordinate data). If an end-user wants OCR, they might want to go back to the source and ask for separate OCR text files (or re-generate the OCR on their own).

      – Alex

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